Its been a little over a year and a half since the devastating earthquake struck in Nepal. By the time the aftershocks finished, the 7.8 magnitude earthquake had claimed over 8,900 lives and damaged more than 800,000 homes. Thanks to The Red Cross, non-profits like Posters for Nepal and others, and the generosity of so many people, victims of the disaster are finding relief. The Red Cross offered immense support, with a little under 8,000 staff and volunteers working to bring medical care, shelter, food, water and sanitation to the families affected by the disaster. The organization is continuing to support the country as they work to rebuild the community. Millions of people lived in temporary housing or tents after the earthquake and as the winter months approached, staying warm was a primary concern. Cash grants were given out to over 94,000 families in order for them to buy clothing and supplies they needed for the cold. Yet with over $40 million raised in donations to help families in Nepal, there were still plenty of families that found themselves without aid.

There is still much to be done, however. A year later, some families still have not received adequate resources to rebuild their lives. According to an article from The Guardian, some are still living in temporary housing and reconstruction still has not begun in the more remote parts of the country. While people wait for their lives to return to normal, some villages are still not fit to return to at all due to continuing landslides or lack of water. A lack of organization in the local government is also hindering the progress of rebuilding.

Despite the slow pace, The Red Cross has still managed to create many programs as part of the rebuilding process, including an earthquake recovery program to rebuild safer communities that are ready for future disasters, a job skills training program so families can earn a living while helping to rebuild with new techniques, a hygiene program which improves access to drinking water and teaches schoolchildren hygienic practices, and an immunization program. The Red Cross and the local government are continuing to make plans to rebuild Nepal. If you feel moved to help but don’t wish to purchase a poster, you can donate to the Nepal Red Cross Society or the International Red Cross.