Rebuild Nepal


Ruoxue Wang, Instagram
Poster Size: 12 x 18″
Edition of 10 posters, signed & numbered

10 in stock



It was pretty challenging for me while i was designing this poster, since this is the first poster that i have ever designed. I looked up a lot of references in terms of concepts and art-style-approaches, which helped me a lot for figuring out this final solution at the end. Because of the new touch of designing poster, i followed my instructor’s suggestion that try to avoid common iconic symbols, gestures such as raising hands reaching out to hope, etc. I’m really glad that i really thought about that and pushed my idea further. In terms of medium, i’ve always sticked with hand-drawn texture and take it into photoshop and modify if. I think that just somehow became my style now; i really enjoyed making art by hand and have those nice tiny bit of imperfectness ¬†from hand-drawn lines in contrast with the whole very organized structure. For this specific poster i was directly inspired by one of the poster my instructor showed us which was a political poster that has the Capitol building shape filled with soldiers and firearms. So i incorporated that idea in my concept and combined it with typographic designs in a way that looks like the copy is the base of the building. The giant “Rebuild Nepal” letterform being the base of the pagoda functions not only for attracting audiences eyes, but also reveals the idea that the stiffness we desire to get of the architecture.


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